There is something empowering about taking on a persona. I became the panda last year at AWP & will do so again at this year's AWP in Portland, OR. I put the head on & walked around & it was a crazy out of body experience. I felt like I was suddenly at a rave, sort of. I think I made other people feel that way for sure. It brought out the party panda in others. I invite you to liberate yourself from your own perceived self & mode of being. Let the panda be your guide (or any other animal or being or thing you relate or connect to at the moment). Free yourself from your habits. Try something new. Explore uncharted terrain.


I want to see your weird experiments.


This mag is created in the spirit of fun. Even though it is called trash panda POETRY I will accept things other than poetry. Especially interested in memes you yourself create, collage art, erasure, cento or any kind of poetry that experiments with the medium, photography, intelligent pop culture commentary, essays that are personal & timely & relatable. This is a place for entertainment, connection & vulnerability. Darkness in all its forms, pretty & ugly are welcome.


After all, everything about trash panda poetry is emo af.

Send submissions to trashpandapoetrymag@gmail.com