March 21, 2019

Riding Whip                         


Then to do it

in as few words

“as possible,”

getting down

the 13th century

riding whip

of thin gold foil.


Cult of chivalry being

talk / to a diminutive,

domed precious stones.

Even a high king could not,


“I’m afraid I’m

translated, unnecessarily.”

“Oh. What an oversight.

How can I thank you.”


“You may finger

at the night,” poets

played a central role.

Surprise turned

to a girlish—

was a seer.





Goddess Misandry



In the side pocket

of jerk- in. Divine energy,

pagan love story

homage to transcendent


woman riding on

the back after death,

an obsession-type toys.


Flagellating him

with a bunch

of large keys on a ring.





"I still witch"


Starting a diary

while I'm sleeping,

fiendish new torment.


To model crypto-

artists strongly inward looking,

caricatures emer-

lie naked in our quest.


I still witch,

beguile passing time

wearing snake's blood


in common, a symbol of

"share and move along."

We spoke of love, fire.






Perverts for expensive



Universal thumbprints

that occur, a little warmth

How bourgeoisie! aside from

a few phallic bronzes.


Explain some magic;

the break (in) his two ears,

hair fully delineated.


Hold my dessert for me,

could hope for, little tail.

"Very good, sir."


The world is

full of perverts,

for expensive erotica.


Means (however) year-old that

"we are some of them?

but I like, mix my own."






“Give an emo haunting?”

witches, their goings-on
market for high-class
tinted black, erotica.

“Dark as a cat,”
“It’s a little bit like Bach—“
a party I told a room.

Men with wicked sepia
French influence,
whose uncommon effort,
and energy

(I let believe)
ever hold my attention.






jojo Lazar – “the burlesque poetess” is a multimedia visual and performance artist. She plays ukulele and flute in rock band “Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys,” and teaches uke, creative writing, and zine-making. She holds a BA from Brandeis and an MFA in poetry from Lesley University. She has been published in Connotation Press, A Bad Penny Review, For Sale, The Starving Artist’s Diet, Delirious Hem, Faggot Dinosaur, her own zines, and others. You can find more collages and blackout inapproetry: @poetessS on social media, and


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