I would like those that submit to let the trash panda be their muse. This mag is created in the spirit of fun. Even though it is called trash panda POETRY I will accept things other than poetry. Especially interested in memes you yourself create, collage art, comics, short videos, erasure, cento or any kind of poetry that experiments with the medium, photography (including selfies), intelligent pop culture commentary, essays that are personal & timely & relatable. This is a place for entertainment, connection & vulnerability. Darkness in all its forms, pretty & ugly are welcome.

Send submissions to

Addressed to me (Leza) you can also call me Trash Panda if you like.

Specify in subject line what is the medium of submission & then title or part of the title.

Include your bio & in body of paragraph along with a brief summary of your submission.

Keep essays under 2000 words.

Include one or more visuals. One is required for header. Additional ones jazz up & break up words & are encouraged, especially if your thing is long.

If sending visual content, pair it with some sort of written content to contextualize what you are showing.

Attach content as a word doc or jpg/png if visual.

Attach bio pic. (can be your spirit animal pic)

Trash Panda